Business Installment Loans

Financial Institutions offer Business Installment Loans to Self employed Businessmen for the purpose of Working Capital, Business Expansion or Purchase of any Machinery or Equipment. Funding is not allowed for any speculative or personal reasons.

This loan is offered to Non Individual entities only which are categorized into Proprietorship firms, Partnership firms , Private limited companies, Closely held limited companies (excluding Listed companies)

Business Loans are equal term loans with equated monthly installments with loan tenor ranging from 12 months to 60 months. Loan amount varies from INR 5 lacs to INR 100 lacs as per eligibility policy of respective financiers.

Loan amount is a variable of the Turnover, financials, business stability , Industry margins, repayment track and current obligations of the company basis which various financiers determine the final loan amount eligibility of the entity.

This is majorly an unsecured lending program with no primary or secondary collateral requirement. However, select financial institutions provide lending to only Small and Medium Enterprises based on Credit Guarantee from Credit Guarantee Trust for Medium and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE) which is arranged by the financial institution from the trust on payment of annual charges.